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RECEVEX is a community of RV Industry experts, RV Dealers, and RV Enthusiasts that come together and simplify the RV buying experience. Born out of necessity, RECVEX gives the RV consumer a clean and accurate shopping experience. RV Dealers can collaborate on inventory daily, connecting in a way that benefits the RV customer needs and the RV delivery experience. RECVEX aims to match the supply of popular RVs with the ever growing demands of today's customer.

RECVEX Retail Marketplace

Customers can search and find the perfect RV and be connected to the selling dealer. RV buyers can search by location, price and specifications.

RECVEX Dealer Connect

RV Dealers can inquire and purchase inventory through the RECVEX Dealer network to expedite the RV to the final purchaser.

RECVEX Freight

RECVEX has partnered with major RV Transit companies to provide upfront shipping options to trade inventory very quickly and inexpensively.

RECVEX Back-40

RV Dealers and Lenders can list and sell inventory to the highest bidder through the RECVEX proprietary online bidding platform. Coming 2020!

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