Why Buy With RECVEX?

Buying with RECVEX is simple. In fact, it was created to resolve - and replace - some of the challenges and constraints that exist in the recreational vehicle industry. Let’s start at the top.

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  • When you’re looking for wholesale inventory, it can be difficult to open the right doors. Building your trusted private dealer network, getting registered and bidding at auctions, paying to list your inventory on existing listing platforms – there just isn’t a consistent way to reliably get what you need. It’s time to put innovation to work.
  • For you to RECVEX, all you need to do is create an account. Our subscriptions include absolute access to the Marketplace, and nothing less. With your verified account, view and participate in any listing - at any time. No third-party memberships, and no convoluted registration. Simply sign up, and RECVEX.


  • In the RV Industry, it can be challenging to find what you’re looking for. Auctions can’t show you available inventory or the going price for the units you’ll be interested in - instead, you have to show up and hope you won’t leave empty-handed. Shopping online provides a limited view into inventory because of unit featuring, and paid adverts.
  • RECVEX was created with the buyer in mind. Our platform offers a comprehensive search, tagging for prominent features, and inventory browsing with multiple refinements. Our inventory is available to browse and search 24/7, and brings a national inventory right to your fingertips. Get what you want, when you want it, with RECVEX.


  • At auction, units run a unit through a minimal inspection (that can, and does, often miss major flaws), pass in front of a small audience, and show for only around 30 seconds to a minute (often, sight unseen). Other online retailers ask that you contact the dealer to haggle over pricing - often leading to lengthy transactions, and steep markups.
  • RECVEX makes the process smooth, and transparent. Units are certified prior to listing, and again by our transportation assets. Our listings are shown for a minimum of 3 days with automatic extensions for offers placed at the last minute. No hassle, no gimmicks. RECVEX gives you the confidence that other platforms simply can’t.

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    • The most prohibitive part of buying RVs is the financial risk - particularly freight. Not only are you footing the bill, you’re making the arrangements. To begin, you have to verify a transport company is federally licensed, sufficiently insured for damages, and then you have to pour over their terms and conditions to even begin discussing pricing and options.
    • RECVEX eliminates the headache. With special attention paid to how freight is handled, we built a platform that verifies the condition of the listing advertised, automatically dispatches transport to the seller of the unit, and expedites the process - getting your purchase to your door, faster. Don’t gamble anymore, let RECVEX take care of it.
    • We all understand the risk involved with financial transactions in the RV industry. The dollar value of the units we trade in isn’t small, and the process can easily get derailed by misrepresented unit conditions, or delays. As risky as the process may be - relying on trust among strangers, at times - there hasn’t been a decent alternative.
    • With RECVEX, we leave nothing to chance. Organizations signing up to RECVEX are verified. Unit condition is described in detail through the listing process, and our Transportation provides an additional layer of validation by verifying the condition and roadworthiness. Deal with trust and security. RECVEX.
    • Whether buying at auction, or dealing with retail listings online, there always seems to be another unnecessary charge. At auction, there’s the membership fee, entry fee, buyer fee, inspection fee, handling fees… It’s a nightmare. Buying retail from some of the existing listing sites doesn’t even offer the fee breakdown from the seller, or platform.
    • RECVEX was purpose-built to eliminate burdensome fees. Subscriptions are advertised up-front, and you only pay for what you buy. This allows us to offer a true wholesale experience, and a pure business-to-business network. No markups, no hassles, and no hidden costs. Don’t guess anymore. RECVEX.