Why Sell With RECVEX?

Selling with RECVEX is easy. The truth is that RECVEX was built to fix some fundamental flaws in moving recreational vehicle inventory. Let’s find out how.

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  • Moving your inventory can be a hassle - platforms offering to help offload your RVs are limited and costly. Take auctions, for example. Not only do they require you to pay for a third-party access pass, entry fees, and inspection fees - among other various costs - they only offer specialty auctions once in a while, and charge you rent before and after.
  • RECVEX does away with the old status quo. Our platform is quick to sign-up, and easy to use. To begin with, all you need to do is create an account. RECVEX is free to list, so say goodbye to added hidden fees and costs. Once your account is created, and verified, the platform is yours to use. Simply sign in, and RECVEX.


  • Moving a large number of distressed assets - or maintaining a reasonable turn rate - can be challenging. You can try to move units at auction - fronting the freight costs, gambling on interest, and hoping the unit sells so you don’t have to pay for return freight - or hope to have the right party come through your front door. It’s a risky business.
  • With RECVEX, it’s as simple as listing on the marketplace. Once you’ve created an account, you have unfettered access to place listings - complete with images and your preferred bottom dollar - at any time. Once you’ve listed your unit, the nation-wide user base has 24/7 access to your listing. RECVEX brings the market to you, without the risk.


  • Selling inventory can be difficult for different reasons. At auction, you have to gamble on the idea that interested parties will be in attendance. With online retailers, you have to pay and hope they get you in front of the right people. On a dealer lot, you either get the right people in the door, or continue to waste money to maintain stale inventory.
  • RECVEX eliminates the difficulty with moving assets. Quick and free to list, and no guesswork. Our platform is built as a business to business solution, and only verified Dealers and Lenders can participate - providing sellers a reliable network of buyers. Don’t leave your investment to chance, anymore - RECVEX.

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    • So you’ve found yourself an interested buyer, and made the sale - how do you get the unit to the new owner? With private party sales, you’ll have to coordinate the delivery in its entirety - and potentially even assume liability for damages in transit. At auction, the options are expensive, and limited.
    • RECVEX puts a stop to those unnecessary concerns. You don’t have to choose from limited and expensive options, and you don’t have to run the risk. As soon as offers for your listing reaches your floor price, our trusted freight partners are dispatched to your pickup location. No headaches, no risk, no problem. Let RECVEX take care of it.
    • Completing a sale can a drawn-out process. Time and money go into moving your inventory, and it can easily grind to a halt during the transaction. At auction you’ll be subject to burdensome fees, and hidden costs; in private party transactions, you can often encounter delays and roadblocks.
    • With RECVEX, the transaction is transparent, and secure. We saw the flaws in the industry, and built a business-to-business wholesale alternative - free to list, and available only to verified buyers and sellers. We believe that the process should be fast, secure, and easy. Stop costly and risky transactions with RECVEX.
    • Holding onto non-performing assets is expensive - but the fees involved in moving these units can be just as dangerous to your bottom line. Selling a unit at auction can involve a fee to ship, a fee to enter, a fee to inspect, a fee to sell - just to name a few. Online listing services often hide their fee structure from you, creating even more distrust.
    • RECVEX believes in transparency. Our platform greatly limits the cost to buyers - and completely eliminates costs to sellers - by removing unnecessary complications. All you need is an account to present your inventory to our national buyer network. We provide a no-hassle alternative to the industry standard. Don’t gamble anymore, RECVEX.